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General Slocum's Gold (Nicholas Kaufmann) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Monica S. Kuebler   
Friday, 18 March 2011 05:50


Nicholas Kaufmann
Chapbook, 40 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9739231-4-8
$8.00 USD

Sackett is no ordinary thief. He was born with strange abilities, powers he uses to pull off dangerous and unusual heists. Fresh out of Rikers and eager to get back in the game, he's got his eye on a fortune in gold rumoured to be buried on a deserted island in New York's East River. It should be the easiest job he's ever pulled. But North Brother Island isn't as deserted as he thought. The dead are waiting beneath the waves, waiting for Sackett, waiting to protect their treasure.

GENERAL SLOCUM'S GOLD was nominated for a 2007 BRAM STOKER AWARD in the LONG-FORM FICTION CATEGORY. Also selected as FearZone.com's Best Short Story of 2007, one of Brian Keene's Top 10 Books of 2007, included in Gary Braunbeck's "Best Of" Reading List for 2007, and named Best Novella of the Year by the Belleville News-Democrat's Culture Geek Blog.

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"Kaufmann tells this tale with authority. The prose is a fair attempt at the hardboiled style, and tells the story in a clean and compelling voice. When the supernatural guardians arrive, they are delightfully chilling. Though death is no stranger in this work, the many murders permeating this tiny tale are intriguing in that they often splash different fluids than the typical sanguine. ... Fans of fiction that blends crime and the supernatural (found in the works of such writers as Ed Gorman or Tom Piccirilli or venues such as Tales from the Crypt or ShockSuspense Stories) will find Sackett's story to be a delightful foray in that vein. While the ending did not work for me, the piece remains a fun, horror yarn. This reader certainly looks forward to more of Kaufmann's fiction as well as future releases from Burning Effigy Press." - Daniel Robichaud, HorrorReader.com

"Three paragraphs into General Slocum’s Gold there is a film noir feel to this story, with the story already full force into the action and superb storyline. Sackett is an extroadinary thief with mutant-like powers who is not only up against other desperate thiefs but unknown dark forces. The story unfolds with our introduction to Sackett being strong-armed into giving up a treasure map. Little did his captures know what they were up against, but we soon find out that the main character of the story may be on a leaky boat himself. General Slocum’s Gold cleverly weaves back and forth between between flashback and present. Flashback doesn’t always work well but in the case of General Slocum’s it is a plot twister that makes the story sensational. Nicholas Kaufmann is a brilliant storyteller who is able to keep the reader on the edge of their seats while taking them through an exciting rollercoaster of a ride."- Carolina Smart, LipstikIndie.com



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