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Grouch on a Couch (Jeff Cottrill) PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 02 October 2011 12:39


Grouch On A Couch

Grouch on A Couch
by: Jeff Cottrill
Chapbook, 36 pages
ISBN: 978-1-926611-15-0
$5.00 USD

What can a certain TV grouch (no names mentioned) do when he gets kicked out of his neighbourhood, after his violent attack on another popular cast member? Will a session of psychiatric counselling help him with his anger issues? Why does he live in garbage and filth? What secrets is he hiding about his past? And what kinds of pithy life lessons would he teach to his preschool fans if he were allowed?
The answers come out in Grouch on a Couch, the irreverent one-man show by Toronto-based writer and spoken-word artist Jeff Cottrill.
This script is the perfect remedy for the often limited “You can be anything you want!” philosophy that TV and movies pounded into our skulls when we were growing up. It is also a fresh and revisionist look at an iconic pop-culture character (again, no names mentioned) and a heartfelt plea for tolerance of the grouchiest among us.
“They used to love me back in the '70s,” laments the Grouch, who does not get the kind of respect that he had in the generation before political correctness. But is that really why he finally snapped? With a little egging-on by an unseen therapist, he reveals hidden truths about his father, his love life, his youthful ambitions, his relationships with other TV personalities, and how he became the misanthropic street-dweller he is – and shows how even the most angry, difficult personalities aren't all they seem to be.
An offbeat play that blends cynicism with compassion, Grouch on a Couch is a dark comedy, a social critique and an apologia for grouches everywhere.




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